Vaginal Dryness Natural Remedy Treatment Cream

Vaginal Renewal

Vaginal Renewal Complex®

Doctor-Developed Vaginal Dryness Natural Remedy and Treatment Cream


Sustained relief for vaginal dryness. Doctor-developed, patient-tested safe-and-easy treatment to enhance the plasticity of the vaginal lining and reverse dryness and discomfort naturally. Improve sex drive and make intimacy more comfortable for both partners. Enjoy intimacy again.

  • Restore vaginal health and ease the discomfort caused by vaginal dryness. Discover for yourself how the Vaginal Renewal Complex® made with natural oils is both safe and effective. NON GMO (NON-GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISMS). 20 applicators per box

  • Designed for first time users to sample the efficacy of Vaginal Renewal Complex®. Using Vaginal Renewal Complex® 5 times weekly, our intro pack will give you enough product for 2 weeks. 10 applicators per box

Sustained Relief for Vaginal Dryness - Restore Your Vaginal Health

Women of all ages can experience vaginal dryness without even realizing what they''re going through. As a society, there''s virtually no space for women to discuss vaginal health. When was the last time your primary care physician said, "How is your vagina today?"

Itchiness, tightness, pain, and burning are common symptoms of vaginal dryness. Vaginal dryness is uncomfortable and invasive, making something as common as sitting problematic.

Vaginal health is women''s health.

Vaginal Renewal Complex® is a unique blend of five natural oils and vitamins that work together to enhance the plasticity of the vaginal lining. It is absorbed by the cells of the vagina aiding in preventing and reversing dryness and discomfort naturally. Vaginal Renewal Complex® is estrogen and paraben free and a perfect solution for women who are affected by vaginal dryness due to peri/post menopause, cancer and chemotherapy, auto immune disorder, and also women who have just given birth and are breast feeding.

Vaginal Renewal Complex® is not a quick fix, instead a regime to help restore the suppleness and health of the vaginal lining. Just like we moisturize our outer body every day, we can do the same for our inner body. Used as directed, and in accordance with Dr. Greene''s usage study, if inserted every three to five days a week, it will bring back comfort.

Because our oils and vitamins are natural, Vaginal Renewal Complex® can be used as often as needed. I even recommend to pop in an extra dose before intercourse. It makes intimacy that much more comfortable for both partners.

Restore your vaginal health and receive sustained relief from the symptoms of vaginal dryness, giving you a new lease on life.


...AND enjoy intimacy again.


Sustained relief for vaginal dryness.

Reverse dryness and restore your vaginal health.

Doctor-developed, patient-tested safe-and-easy treatment to enhance the plasticity of the vaginal lining.

Make intimacy more enjoyable.


Feel fresh, vital, and get relief with our doctor-developed feminine health products.


Patient-tested, Safe & Easy to Use Vaginal Dryness Solution

Recommended dose is five times a week. Insert in the mornings when our natural muscle contractions are at their strongest to ensure the liquid is absorbed comfortably into the tissue of the vaginal wall. We also include in our box of Vaginal Renewal Complex® comfortable panty liners to protect underwear from slight leakage, if that should occur.

  • Relieve itching.
  • Relieve burning and pain.
  • Restore vaginal moisture.
  • Enjoy intimacy again.
  • Easy application.
  • No greasy or sticky-feeling residue.

Doctor-Developed Vaginal Renewal Complex®, Using Natural Essential Oils & Vitamins

Our ingredients work synergistically to change the cells of the vaginal lining.

  • Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA): Vaginal Renewal Complex® uses GLA oil in its formula so the GLA is directly absorbed into the vaginal cavity through the cells, lining the vaginal canal.
  • Nonsaponifiable fatty acid (Shea oil): Vaginal Renewal Complex® formula utilizes nonsaponifiable fatty acid to enhance the spread of GLA through the vaginal canal.
  • Vitamin E: This treatment uses vitamin E to protect the GLA in Evening Primrose Oil, increasing the lifespan of Vaginal Renewal Complex® and increasing its effectiveness.
  • Vitamin D3: Vitamin D3 is used in Vaginal Renewal Complex® to increase the resistance of the vaginal lining to irritation and injury and to strengthen the vaginal wall.
  • Vitamin C is another natural antioxidant which helps speed up the healing of chaffing due to vaginal dryness. It helps the body maintain healthy skin, especially in mature women who tend to absorb less vitamin C.
  • Phenoxyethanol, found in green tea, is a safe and effective natural preservative when used in low concentrations.

The combination of these ingredients creates a fantastic formula for a natural intimate health treatment, which is safe and easy to use.




All products are naturally derived, backed by science. There was a usage-study conducted on 30 patients. Doctored developed, safe and easy-to-use intimate care products.




Our products are quickly absorbed into the skin, not leaving you feeling sticky or greasy. Start your day off feeling fresh




No products we develop are tested on animals. All products are made with 100% natural ingredients and are non GMO. Made in the USA




Every product contains our unique complex of natural essential oils and vitamins. We do not use dyes, synthetic fragrances, artificial preservatives, steroids, or hormones. Natural and paraben-free products for feminine health.


Feel fresh and get relief from our doctor-developed intimate health products. 


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