Olga’s Secret Ultra-Thin Pantyliners

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Light Weight, Comfortable, Highly Absorbent Pantyliners to Protect From Vaginal Discharge

Protect from vaginal discharge. Highly absorbent and comfortable pantyliners. Made with cotton, so comfortable you forget they are there. Feel confident with safe, easy-to-use intimate products.

Vaginal discharge panty protection.
Safe-to-use, patient-tested products.
Light weight, comfortable feminine liners.
Cruelty-free products for female health.
Highly absorbent panty liners, made with cotton.
Feel confident.

Olga’s Secret’s Solution to Panty Protection

After using our signature product; Vaginal Renewal Complex®, I noticed that the normal discharge women lose after menopause or related conditions started to return as the vaginal walls plumped up again and returned to “normal”. 

Our doctor-developed signature Vaginal Renewal Complex® uses natural oils and vitamins to restore vaginal health and return it to its pre-menopause environment. This, too, can cause vaginal discharge. Many women we’ve worked with feel more comfortable using a panty liner when going through treatment for vaginal dryness and atrophy.


The solution was, of course, to develop a safe, comfortable, product to meet the needs of women. Our Ultra-Thin Panty liners are highly absorbent but so invisible, you’ll forget you’re wearing it. (That was my goal!) Each box of our Vaginal Renewal Complex® comes with these panty liners, but as they’re so popular, we’ve decided to sell them on their own.


We now offer this in a convenient package of 15 panty liners – shipped directly from our factory to your home.



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