Vaginal Renewal Complex

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Are you suffering from vaginal dryness?

You don’t have to live with vaginal dryness. Vaginal Renewal Complex®, the feminine hygiene product from Gtechnologies can help restore vaginal health and ease the discomfort caused by vaginal dryness. Discover for yourself how Vaginal Renewal Complex® made with natural oils is both safe and effective.



Our applicators go through a three step sterilization process. They were designed for easy insertion with no mess. We pass the un-filled applicators through the first step of sterilizing. They are then measured, filled, capped, individually bagged and sealed and put through the second sterilization.  10 sealed applicators are put into another bag, sealed and put through the final sterilization and placed into a box. Our applicators are made with the highest pharmaceutical grade material and manufactured in a factory which only pharmaceuticals are produced, to insure the finest and safest product to those who put their trust in us by using Vaginal Renewal Complex®.

Our combination of 5 natural oils are of the highest grade that are available.

It is not recommended to re-use the opened applicator as it can become contaminated when exposed to outside elements.

Restore your own vaginal moisture with the Vaginal Renewal Complex® to ease vaginal dryness. Vaginal Renewal Complex® is a blend of 5 natural oils, which is Doctor developed as a complete program to help restore vaginal moisture and suppleness. It is inserted into the vagina with an easy and comfortable applicator. Because it is absorbed directly into the tissue of the vaginal wall, some women have found substantial improvement after just few applications!

If one is sexually active,and feels that additional lubrication is necessary, it is recommended to insert one applicator prior to having intercourse, in addition to your scheduled usage program.  It is very soothing for both partners.

If Vaginal Renewal Complex® is used according to directions, you will find that the natural discharge we experience prior to menopause will return. To allow for extra protection, we have enclosed 4 Inner Intimate Ultra Thin Panty Liners..

What other women are saying about Vaginal Renewal Complex:

"I started using Vaginal Renewal Complex, and found a significant difference. The vaginal dryness subsided and intercourse became pleasurable again. I would highly recommend this product and in fact I have to my friends."

"Not only is the vaginal lubrication oil very easy to use, but it has the added bonus of a most pleasant sensation upon application.  I actually looked forward to using it, rather than think of it as a necessary evil in the war of combating the side effects of menopause."

"The vaginal lubrication oil was easy to apply.  It’s non-irritating and not messy.  It also lasts a full day...I like that it makes me feel “normal” again."

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by BT , 02/03/2015

My husband and I just had a PAIN FREE romantic weekend!!! So Awesome! Should have started the product months ago! Thank you!

Reviewed by Debi , 01/30/2015

So great to find a natural product that really treats a problem that so many of us women suffer with. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Reviewed by AB , 01/05/2015

Until I started using the Vaginal Renewal Complex oils, I had extreme vaginal dryness and sex was very uncomfortable. Since using this amazing product all that has changed. I highly recommend this product!!