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Vaginal & Feminine Hygiene

Effective Feminine Hygiene Practices


Feel fresh, reduce your chances for infection, avoid vaginal dryness and dyspareunia, maintain appropriate pH Balance of your intimate area, and understand the best intimate health practices.


Maintain Intimate Health

Menstruation, sexual activity, childbirth, and menopause - our vaginas are central to our physical and mental health from the time we have our first period. Think of it this way. In "natural' circumstances, the entire human population is born through the vagina.

Yet less than half of the female population can accurately identify the female anatomy.

De-mystifying the vagina and female anatomy, talking about vaginal health, and sharing feminine hygiene best practices can keep women safer, healthier, and happier.

Our vaginas have an acidic pH, more so than the rest of the skin on our bodies. This is to keep the good bacteria in and flush out the bad. Soaps and shampoos - products we normally use on our bodies, vaginal douches, or over-washing the vaginal area can upset the pH balance of our vaginas, aggravate vaginal dryness, increase chances of infection, odor, dyspareunia, and discomfort.

Many of us might not even think about feminine hygiene because our vaginas are incredibly efficient. Naturally, our vaginas wash themselves. Cervical mucus is full of antibodies and good bacteria and acts as a natural cleaner.

That said, taking a little extra care to care for your intimate area will not only keep you healthy, but it will also help you feel fresher and sexier.


Feel fresh.

Reduce your changes for infection.

Avoid vaginal dryness and dyspareunia (painful sex).

Maintain appropriate pH Balance of your intimate area.

Understand the best intimate health practices.


Tips for Vaginal Hygiene

1. Avoid using abrasive soaps, washes, or douches.

2. Wash and dry yourself completely after exercise.

3. Do not sit around in a wet swimsuit, or sweaty gym clothes, all day.

4. Change your underwear after swimming or working out.

5. Discharge - usually white and odorless - is completely natural. (This is a sign your vagina was cleaning itself). However, a pungent, discolored discharge can be a sign of an infection. Make an appointment with your gynecologist.

6. Vaginas are supposed to smell like ... vaginas. Steer clear of perfumed and scented anything - tampons, panty liners, lubricants, condoms, washes etc. These perfumed products could upset your pH balance.

7. Change your tampon at least every four hours.

8. Wipe front-to-back ... always.

9. Empty your bladder after sex.

10. Get regular checkups with your gynecologist.

11. Give your vagina a workout. Kegel exercises are great to tighten the vagina and make sex more pleasurable.

If you are feeling discomfort, like you need to freshen up, GTechnologies has developed a pH neutral feminine wash specifically designed to take care of your vaginal health.

...AND enjoy intimacy again.

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