Dyspareunia Vaginal Dryness Rewards Program


Rewards & Auto Ship Program

Rewards Program for Vaginal Renewal Complex®, The Wash®, and Anti-Aging Serum


Learn about how to get free shipping for your favorite intimate health products. Never run out of product. Sustained relief from vaginal dryness. Treat damaged or mature skin with our signature anti-aging formula. Feel fresh and beautiful with The Wash®. Beauty & health on your doorstep!



Our rewards program is solely based on dollar purchases within an 18 month period.
BRONZE REWARD GROUP:  Those spending $500.00 to $999.00 during an 18 month period will be eligilble for a 5% discount on all non-promotional purchases.

SILVER REWARD GROUP:  Those spending $1,000.00 to $1,499.00 during an 18 month period will be eligilble for a 10% discount on all non-promotional purchases.

GOLD REWARD GROUP:  Those spending $1,500.00 to $1,999.00 during an 18 month period will be eligible for a 15% discount on all non-promotional purchases.

PLATINUM REWARD GROUP:  Those spending $2,000.00 or more during an 18 month period will be eligible for a 17% discount on all non-promotional purchases. 

*You DO NOT have to be enrolled in our auto ship program to qualify for these rewards. However, you will continue to be charged for shipping and handling.


Those enlisting in our Auto Ship Program will be entitled to receive FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING.

**These discounts cannot be combined with any other coupons available and can be used on full packaged good only. **Our auto ship program will automatically ship you and charge your account for Vaginal Renewal Complex®,Feminine Wash and/or Intensive Facial Revitilzer Complex every 30, 45, or 60 days, based on your purchases.

You can revise your auto ship program at any time by calling (800) 564-2160 2 weeks prior to your designated shipping date.

**To join our auto ship program call (1800) 564-2160 with your preferred TIME FOR DELIVERY (every 30,45, or 60 days) . NO AUTO SHIP SUBSCRIPTION CAN BE COMPLETED DIRECTLY THROUGH OUR WEB SITE.


Rewards program & autoship.

Never run out of product.

Sustained relief from vaginal dryness with our Vaginal Renewal Complex®.

Treat damaged and mature skin with our signature Anti-Aging Serum®.

Feel fresh and beautiful with The Wash®.


Feel fresh, vital, and get relief with our doctor-developed feminine health products.




All products are naturally derived, backed by science. There was a usage-study conducted on 30 patients. Doctored developed, safe and easy-to-use intimate care products.




Our products are quickly absorbed into the skin, not leaving you feeling sticky or greasy. Start your day off feeling fresh




No products we develop are tested on animals. All products are made with 100% natural ingredients and are non GMO. Made in the USA




Every product contains our unique complex of natural essential oils and vitamins. We do not use dyes, synthetic fragrances, artificial preservatives, steroids, or hormones. Natural and paraben-free products for feminine health.


Feel fresh and get relief from our doctor-developed intimate health products. 


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How it works

Choose the product that fits your needs.

From our Vaginal Renewal Complex® to Lip Lytes, our products use our signature complex of natural essential oils and vitamins.

Easy one-click payment.

Reclaim your body from harmful chemicals used in many other feminine products. Detox with our doctor-developed products.

Feel fresh & vital.

Support women's health. Experience sustained relief for intimate needs. Feel stronger & more beautiful every day.


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We are passionate about women’s intimate health and satisfaction. Our products:


  • Renew vaginal and skin moisture.
  • Empower women to live their best lives.
  • Renew women’s confidence.
  • Give women a new lease on life – helping them enjoy intimacy again.

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