MENOPAUSE AWARENESS MONTH: PMS, ovulation, mood swings, cramps

When I got married for the second time, my three children, my new husband and I all moved in together. In his first life he had all boys, so there was no talk about periods, PMS, ovulation, period cramps, etc.  I have two girls and one boy. I was always very open with my children.  We thought nothing of walking around in our underwear and certainly Danny was use to the girls speaking about their “time of the month”. 

What a revelation for Milt; “where are the tampons?” “Oye, I have such cramps,”  “Just to let you know I am really feeling bitchy today, I’m PMSing big time, so stay away!!!” “I think I’m ovulating today!!” He would say that at any given time, one of us always seemed to have our periods.

With every new complaint, Milt and Danny would roll their eyes and wonder where to hide.


Well, that was many years ago; my children now have children of their own.  I went into menopause at 43, as did my oldest daughter Kim, and Melissa, my youngest, said to me the other day; “Mommy, I think I am in peri menopause”.  Her periods are coming more frequently, she has complained of gaining a little weight. Of course with the help of Dr. Green, she’ll find out if she has, in fact, started peri menopause. I can’t believe where the time has gone.  They use to laugh at me when I was having such hot flashes that I would stick my head in the refrigerator to cool off.  You name a symptom and I had it. 

Peri menopause can begin up to 5 years prior to full menopause and end after you no longer get a period.  If you look up peri menopause there will be a long list of possible symptoms but the most common ones are:  Hot flashes and night sweats, irregular periods, and vaginal dryness.  Both Kim and I never went into peri menopausal; one day our periods stopped and that was it.  For me, the debilitating symptoms started after I entered menopause.  I still get hot flashes to this day, as does Kim. 


My little secret:  Menopause awareness month:  Shared stories and information to help you understand what peri and post menopause is all about; its symptoms and reliefs.  I took everything I learned and shared them with my daughters.  When I created Vaginal Renewal Complex, I did so to help myself.  I now give it to my girls along with our wash and now our newest addition Intensive Facial Revitiazer Complex.

Whether you’re sharing your experiences with your daughters or sharing with other women: