Lessons Learned or How About a Cucumber:

What’s so great about cucumbers......well:
1. Cucumbers come in all shapes and sizes.
2. They never lose their shape
3. And they're cool and smooth

Why is this on a menopausal blog?
…Because, after menopause the vagina tightens and shortens, resulting in
painful intercourse.
So painful in fact, that the thought of intercourse can make a woman cringe.
I recently attended a sex conference in San Diego (this was a legitimate course folks). Nothing kinky.
While there, I noticed a table of objects which included vaginal dilators (dildos); so many different colors and sizes. Being from New York City, I naturally helped myself to some samples, brought them home, named them after old boyfriends, and displayed them in the office.
Almost all of my patients wanted to know what these colorful items were used for.
I explained the vagina situation and how the dilators can help lengthen and enlarge
a tight, narrow vagina.
Some patients winced, others were intrigued.
One patient in particular took it to heart. The patient, 65, menopausal, and having
almost no sex, was in distress. So, I "loaded her up". I gave her the website for the dilators: www.soulsource.com. I then instructed her on how to use them. In addition, she ordered Inner Intimates Vaginal Renewal Complex (which she was already using) to lubricate the dilators. Off she went for six months.
When the patient returned for her six month checkup, I had frankly forgotten about the dilators. Much to my surprise she reported that she had graduated to the largest dilator (#10) and felt great! She and her husband were happily engaging in sexual intercourse without discomfort.
So Dilators do exist ladies. They are useful tools that work. Don't be afraid to
ask your Doctor about them. It’s all part of helping you engage in maintaining a
healthy and complete lifestyle.
It’s not for everyone, but it is an option.
Of course there's always a cucumber *wink*

Miriam Greene, MD