Anti-Aging Serum for Dry and Chapped Skin Relief: Tips to Keeping Hands Looking Young

“Not only do I love your Anti-Aging Serum for my face, but it does wonders for my hands too”.  Thanks, Joann from Boston Mass.

Hands can be a sure sign of aging if not taken care of.

Consider what you put your hands through on a daily basis: washing dishes, scrubbing clothes, using abrasive cleaners like bleach, exposure to the elements like the sun and wind and snow. It’s no wonder our hands take a beating and when we look down we see wrinkled and veiny hands.

Here are easy-to-follow tips to keep your hands looking young:

  1. Sunscreen! Our hands are exposed to the elements, and using a sunscreen, every day, can protect them from harmful UV rays. Apply SPF 50 sunscreen every morning. 
  2. Protect: Wear gloves when washing dishes or using abrasive detergents. This can reduce your exposure to harsh chemicals.
  3. Moisturize: Keep your hands hydrated. This battles that crepe-like skin look that should be reserved for post-apocalyptic zombie movies.
  4. Exfoliate: Just as you exfoliate your face, take time to treat your hands to get rid of that dead, dry skin.

Our unique complex of oils and vitamins can be used any way you like it. Anti-Aging Serum gives my face a healthy glow, but I also massage my hands with the remaining oil after I apply it to my face.  It’s a two-in-one treatment! And no serum goes to waste.

I was in the nail salon and while I was drying, a woman commented on how nice my hands look.  No wrinkles or age spots. I thanked her and mentioned our Anti-Aging Serum. It reminded me of the comment I received from Joann, from Boston.

 Just seven natural ingredients to help restore moisture to keep your face and “hands” looking and feeling great.