“I love Vaginal Renewal Complex and find it to be so soothing. Sometimes I use it on my face and neck.  Could you create a product specifically for the face?”

….and we did!  For the last 6 months we have been working on an amazing new addition to Grohen Technologies line of products.  INTENSIVE FACIAL REVITALIZER COMPLEX was created specially to be used to help restore a healthier looking face and minimize the fine lines and wrinkles.  

 I have been using IFRC for about three months and I must say my skin looks great!!  Some of my friends even noticed the difference.  I have always taken very good care of my skin.  I use pure oil when moisturizing by body, and after seeing the incredible results of Intensive Facial Revitalizer Complex, I felt, once again compelled to bring this new innovation to the public.

For me, as I aged, I noticed that my skin became much drier and flakey.  I am not a big advocate of moisturizing with water based crèmes, so we started researching additions to our Vaginal Renewal Complex oils, and by adding pure cold pressed cucumber oil and tea tree oil, it just made all the difference and WALLA:  If VRC works so well to create suppleness to the vagina, why not your face?

I had a customer call me the other day to order her free sample size of IFRC:  She said “I love Vaginal Renewal Complex and I can’t wait to try your facial oil.  Olga, I would buy anything that you make because I know you put your own heart into your products”.  Its comments like that one that makes my mission worthwhile. J It puts a smile on my face to know that I am not alone, and that I’m helping other women find solutions to our commonalities.

My little secret:  Go to our web site or call our (1800) 546-2160 to get your free sample of Intensive Facial Revitalizer Complex.  You’ll also receive a $10.00 off coupon when you order your full 1oz. bottle.

Remember; we are Women Helping Women. I always say, I’m going to fight the aging process as best as I can, and that’s what Grohen is all about; looking and feeling really good; and enjoying life!!



01/16/2019 at 02:28:58 PM

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