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Olga Cohen, CEO and Creator of Vaginal Renewal Complex


I started researching alternatives to relieve my discomfort of vaginal dryness after going through a hard menopause. I wanted something different than those over the counter remedies, that really didn't give me any long lasting solution. I worked with Dr. Leo Galland, who specializes in integrated medicine. He recommended a complex of oils that actually re-build the suppleness of the vaginal wall and helps to bring back the moisture that we lose when our estrogen dissipates.

I started mixing and testing the natural oils that Dr. Galland suggested and the change was amazing. Even though I did this for my own benefit, when I went to Dr. Miriam Greene, my gynecologist, for my bi-yearly check-up, she was so astounded by the change in my body, and confirmed that acute dryness was one of the most common complaints she hears from her patients. We agreed that it was vital to bring this treatment to other women.

Once we had established an impeccable formula, working with a reputable chemist, Dr. Greene conducted a usage study with 30 of her patients. The three month study also showed remarkable results and Vaginal Renewal Complex was born.

Since then I have come to realize that painful vaginal dryness is not only caused by peri/post menopause, but can be the result of a wide variety of physical conditions from child birth, cancer and chemo therapy, to auto immune disorder. Vaginal Renewal Complex offers a safe and easy solution for those who suffer from vaginal dryness.

You can learn more about Olga, Vaginal Renewal Complex and her secrets to looking and feeling your best at any age at . You can also follow Olga on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and You Tube @olgassecret.

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