Lip Fusion

Lip Fusion with its all natural ingredients helps to rejuvenate chapped dry lips associated with the environment, maturity, health issue and menopause.
Lip Fusion uses 85% of our unique blend of oils and vitamins and 15% of natural waxes to form the stick. All natural, natural flavor, NON GMO


Lip Lytes
Lip Lytes

Moisturizing feeling of Lip Fusion/ Lip Protector, you’ll love Lip Lytes. With the infusion of shimmering pearls, we use the same wonderful ingredients, including our
signature complex of oils and vitamins, to help make your lips feel healthy and smooth while adding color.  available in 4 beautiful pearl shades contains natural ingredients

Vaginal Renewal Complex

 Vaginal Renewal Complex®, the feminine hygiene product from Gtechnologies can help restore vaginal health and ease the discomfort caused by vaginal dryness. Discover for yourself how Vaginal Renewal Complex® made with natural oils is both safe and effective. NON GMO ( NON-GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISMS)  20 applicators per box


Vaginal Renewal Complex Intro Pack

Designed for first time users to sample the efficacy of Vaginal Renewal Complex®. Using Vaginal Renewal Complex 5 times weekly, our intro pack will give you enough product for 2 weeks. 10 applicators per box

Anti-Aging Serum

Just Seven (7) essential oils and vitamins to leave your facial skin healthier looking in just 30 days.

Anit-Aging Serum was created specially to be used to help restore and minimize fine lines and wrinkles.




Feminine Wash with Sponge

Feminine Wash is so mild that it can be used as a facial cleanser as well as an all over body wash (We now include a soft facial sponge that helps to deep clean and remove make up as well as a soft buffer to keep your skin glowing).

NEW! Feminine Sponge

A soft loofa sponge to help cleanse and exfoliate your vaginal area to keep it free from bacteria and clogged pores.For best results use it with our feminine wash which is a mild ph balanced wash safe enough to use as a facial cleanser or all over your body.


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$2.50 - $3.00
NEW! Facial Sponge
NEW! Facial Sponge

Now you can have the best of both in one facial sponge. A soft side to clean your face while the other side helps with deep cleansing of pores. Leaves your face clean and refreshed.

$3.00 each

Two for $5.00 plus $1.00 shipping and handling


$2.50 - $3.00

These products contain NO PARABENS